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Green Pedal go kart

Well green stands for life and when it comes to children, what would life be if they can’t have fun?

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Well green stands for life and when it comes to children, what would life be if they can’t have fun?

So that is the basic theme behind this tough, stylish and unique green pedal go kart. With this pedal go kart under their seat, children can go out there in the greenery of their lawn or the neighborhood for an instant and easy pedal fun.

We thought of a product that is not only safe and simple but is also catchy so that children can instantly get to like it. So we came up with this small size pedal go kart range and green is an attractive member of this family.

We saw with many pedal go karts that they are open ended from the front which makes them unsafe for children. But with our gorilla oxide or the green pedal go kart, you have a protective plate at the front which means that your children are in a safer zone even while they go racing. This front protective plate and the mudguards are made of top quality and durable plastic which is scratch resistant and tough.

The tires are made up of many air cells and do not feature an air tube which means that they never get punctured and require no repair or replacement. We also provide our customers with a free wheel with every pedal go kart.

Talking about performance, you have 4 resin full ball bearing case centers at the wheels which makes them really good in performance and gives this go kart a swift and lag free movement.

The distance between the seat and the paddle has been kept at a maximum of 20 inches which can be adjusted to minimum 17 inches so that children of ages between 4 and 8 can ride them easily.  The frame on which this structure stands comprises of rigid and high quality stain-resistant steel. The steering wheel is soft and supports smooth circular movement.

These green pedal go karts also support both forward and backward movement and the dual hand brake system in it is well incorporated for instant control. So with all these brilliant features incorporated with the best materials and techniques, this pedal go kart really goes green in redefining style and provides children with what you call limitless fun.

And not to forget the silver back trailer that is attached to the back for doing a lot of activities like carrying toys to the neighbor’s house, riding with the dog, carrying waste to the garbage box etc.


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